Our background and history


How it all started

Akurat started its business 30 years ago and is rooted in the agricultural industry. Of that, we are very proud. The company started as an association under the name of Husbondafløsning (substitute for the master of the house). In the beginning, we were only concerned with farmers in the local area. The farmer´s wife could also need help during peak periods – the house had to be cleaned, the clothes needed washing and the potatoes had to be peeled – therefore, she made use of a substitute from the temp agency, and this is an essential part of our services today.

How it is now

A lot have changed since then, and today we are a modern service business with a wide variety of services for companies as well as private clients. The foundation for our company is still to deliver the services our clients demands, whenever necessary. We offer a package solution, regardless of whether it concerns temp or permanent employments or cleaning services for companies or private homes.