Commercial Business Cleaning

Akurat is experiencing an increase in the demand for cleaning and business services. We are managing the daily cleaning at small and medium-sized companies, whether it comes to cleaning offices, stores, production halls, repair workshops or the like.

Therefore, we are constantly searching for skilled and thorough cleaning staff to assist our clients. Many of our clients prefer to use the same cleaner every time, which makes it easier for you to become acquainted with the company. For the same reason we also expect you to be efficient and provide a high level of quality in all of your tasks.

Cleaning service

When you join our cleaning services at Akurat, you also join a great team. You will have the same contact person, which assures security and stability, and we are here to help you, if you have any questions.

Cleaning materials

Clients can buy professional cleaning materials from us, or we will bring what you need to clean the facilities.

If the clients want to use their own materials, this is also a possibility.

Permanent or on an ad hoc basis

We perform the permanent cleaning routine based on a predefined agreement, but you can also be sent out as an entire team of cleaning assistants, if the client needs cleaning in connection with relocating, renovation or the like, or if a complete cleaning is necessary.

Moreover, maintenance of outside areas is becoming an increasing demand in our service activities. Therefore, we are also interested in applicants who want to maintain outdoor tasks.

Our team

A great part of our workers have been employed for many years. This enables us to offer our clients a high degree of stability and quality in our services. Thus, we have high expectations for you as a part of our team.

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