Private cleaning

Private service

Would you like to work with managing the daily tasks for private clients?  The tasks include services such as cleaning, grocery shopping or garden services.



In the daily life, we often lack time for cleaning. As a professional cleaning assistant you must be ready to make a great effort for our clients; from the daily cleaning to specialist cleaning and complete cleaning.

Apply here, if you are interested in joining our cleaning service team. We will contact you, when we have a job that matches your profile.

Being employed through Akurat

Being employed through Akurat means that we hire you to assist our clients. All administrative formalities related to your employment are handled by Akurat. That is, job orders, salary, vacation, work clothes, sick days etc. Furthermore, all information about the tasks will go through Akurat.

Our private service can be combined with the free-choice system, so the clients can receive the solution best fitted for their needs.


Free-choice system means clients’ free choice.

If a client lives in Holstebro, Herning or Ikast-Brande municipalities, and he/she is entitled to domestic help, he/she can choose freely between private cleaning services instead of public cleaning services.

Akurat is affiliated with the free-choice system when it comes to practical assistance, and therefore, we have the necessary experience needed to deal with private cleaning, which demands special needs. We have been in the game since the beginning, and therefore, we have years of experience.

A matter of trust

The client’s home and furniture are some of his/her most cherished possessions, and we respect that. We know that cleaning services are a matter of trust, and therefore, our employees must be considerate and exercise due care. We strive to send out the same employee to the clients every time. At Akurat, we offer stability and security for both parts. If an accident should occur, our employees are insured, and any broken items will be reported.

Besides the visitation services from the client’s municipality, Akurat offers extra services in connection with complete cleaning, curtain laundering, laundry, grocery shopping, garden service and snow clearing. We are very flexible and can accommodate the client’s specific needs.