Recruitment for permanent employment

Akurat can assist you in recruiting your next permanent employee, regardless the type of profile. You can expect professional and experienced counselling during the recruitment process, when Akurat is by your side.

The recruitment of a new employee is an important occasion for your company. However, it can also be very time-consuming.

The best solution is to prioritise your daily tasks and provide services to your costumers and other stakeholders.

By cooperating with Akurat you do not have to worry about the preparation of job ads, the publication in different media, screening candidates, gathering references and criminal records, rejecting candidates, providing feedback on tests etc.

We assist you in the entire process

We offer to assist you with the entire recruitment process, which includes:

  • Identification of competences
  • Formulation of job ads
  • Application assessment
  • Screening candidates
  • Tests
  • Formulation of candidate profile
  • Candidate presentation
  • Rejecting candidates

If you prefer to maintain parts of the recruitment process, we will compose the solution best suitable for you and your company.

Tell us about your recruitment needs, and we will customize a recruitment model.

If you are looking for at job and interested in a permanent position, create a profile and submit your application. We will contact you, when we have a position that matches your profile.


If you are in the need of recruiting a permanent employee, we are ready to assist you. Recruitment of a new employee is an important and time-consuming process, which often becomes a reality, when you have already acknowledged that time and tasks to not correlate.

Akurat selects the best candidates for the job and consequently singles out the right match. Benefit from our great expertise.

Akurat – the right match