When it comes to temps for agriculture, Akurat has an immense advantage, as we have been the leading player within this field for decades.

As an agricultural temp employed with Akurat, you must be educated and with great experience within the field of agriculture. Therefore, you must be able to perform all tasks and function as substitute during holidays or illness periods – or simply as an extra set of hands. As a temp you must have an in-depth knowledge of all agriculture-related tasks. This applies whether it comes to maintaining crop, tending livestock, cleaning the stables and milking.

As a temp you must also offer great flexibility and may be able to assist with operating machinery for harvesting and sowing.

At Akurat, we are also in search for temps with experience within horticulture and garden centres to assist during peak periods.

Requested temps  

A lot of our temps have worked for us for many years, and therefore, our clients are offered so-called ‘requested temps’ during a given period of time, whenever possible. This enables you as a temp to be employed with the same client for various tasks, and thereby your introduction periods will be reduced.

Apply here, if you want to be added to our database.